Best Resistance Bands for Building Muscle

If you’re looking for the best resistance bands for building muscle reviews then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been working out for a while and recently started working out from home using resistance bands.

I was working out for years at L.A. Fitness spending around $30 bucks a month. The money wasn’t a big deal but including my bike ride, I would end up spending 4+ hours on exercise.

As my website begin to grow, I decided that 4 hours could be better spent working on providing value to my readers.

The thing I like the most about resistance bands is that they are perfect for a low carb or keto diet because you’re not lifting crazy amounts of weights.

With that being said… The resistance band set I recommend and I use is Bodylastics Stackable Resistance Bands.

Benefits of Resistance Bands

Resistance bands have a major muscle building benefit compared to free weights and static machines.

Resistance bands are really good for functional strength and are better at preventing injury. It’s also easier to add more or less resistance just by moving closer or further away.

This happens because unlike free weights, resistance bands don’t rely on gravity which makes them more intense since you can’t cheat or use momentum in most cases.

With resistance bands, you get full tension throughout the workout which gives you a more intense workout regardless of if the movement is sideways, down, or up.

For me this is a bonus because the movements feel more natural and I also hit those muscles that would normally get ignored in the gym.

Prevents Plateaus

When you add variety to your workouts, you keep your muscles from plateauing from adapting to the same exercises in your routine.

The variety of things you can do are only limited to your imagination. You can attach them to barbells to add resistance or even wrap them around you when doing push ups.

I have a set of dumbbells that I use as well a doing basic calisthenics which gives me a better workout than I get a the gym plus I save about 2-3 hours… Boom!

Flat Rate V.S. Monthly Rate

At L.A. Fitness, I was spending $30 per month which comes to $360 a year. Resistance bands can range from $10 – $100 or more depending on the brand and quality.

Things You Should Know Before You Buy

How Much Resistance

Resistance bands can range from all sorts of resistance options that will benefit you when working out different body parts. If you’re recovering from an injury, the smaller or thinner bands would be more suitable for workouts.

But if you’re are looking to build more strength or add resistance, you can use the moe thicker options as well as combined them for maximum resistance.

Sizes Handles & Loops

You can find resistance bands is different length sizes in case you’re doing hand workouts using the shorter bands or standing bicep curls using a longer band.

I love the tube bands with the handle attachment because it feels like I’m using dumbbells or cables at the gym which makes them easy to get familiar with.

Loop resistance bands are also great for portability and they take up the least amount of space. They also shorten the time spent clipping the handles on the tube bands when switching bands.

How Many In a Set

Different resistance bands sets some with more or less bands. Depending on your fitness goals, you can choose to get a more bigger package with a variety of resistance levels or a smaller one to compliment your existing equipment like a portable dip machine.

No matter which way you look at it, resistance bands offer so many benefits from building those sneaky muscles you neglect in the gym, saving money, or providing convenience.

Best Resistance Bands for Building Muscle

Below I give you my top resistance bands to choose from depending on your fitness needs.

1. Bodylastics Stackable MAX – Best Workout Bands

The main issue that most have when thinking about trying resistance bands are that fact that they can snap on you at any giving moment.

The Bodylastics Stackable Resistance Bands come equipped with an internal cord that provides a safety mechanism if overstretched during your workout..

So even when you stretch the band all the way, you’ll feel the cord restrict you from going further without hindering your workout.

As far as I know, this is the only brand that has this benefit and that’s why I bought them. I haven’t stretched them out all the way to test them…lol. But for me, they feel really safe and I don’t even think about them snapping when working out.

Tha bands are made with reinforced stitching and heavy duty rubber and are labeled with the resistance weight in pounds. Obviously, the resistance weight is an estimation because it can be greater or less depending on how far you stretch them.

The fact that they are stackable makes them very versatile from extremely light to very heavy in resistance.

The handles have a really great feel them them and are easy to hold and are not as long as other resistance band sets which prevents them from slacking in case room space is limited.

The ankle straps and door anchor are padded with a cushy material which protects the bands from getting damage. I could see these lasting for years to come.

Bodylastics also provides you with a manual and online videos you can access for free with a plethora of workout and installation tutorials. This is the best resistance bands for building muscle in my opinion and I use them daily for my workouts.


Snap proof safety cord


The ankle straps may be a little big for some

Check Price Here

2. Serious Steel Bands – Best Resistance Bands For Pull Ups

The Serious Steel Bands are loop bands instead of tube bands. They are made from latex and can be purchased in a set or individually.

This set in particular comes with four bands ranging from an estimated 5 pounds to 120 pounds of resistance.

These are really good for assisted pull ups and stretching exercises. You can also use them for squats and push ups as well.

These bands are easy to grip compared to other loop bands because of the powdery feeling. Which is why they have many great reviews.

The layered latex also make them one of the durable loop resistance bands on the market and you will find them in Crossfit gyms worldwide.

They provide a PDF manual on their website with over 40 exercises as this set does not come with one.


Very durable and the most popular


The largest band may to much resistance for the average user.

No manual included

Check Here For Price

3. GoFit Extreme Pro Gym Set – Good Resistance Bands

The GoFit Extreme ProGym Set is a high quality resistance band set even though it lacks the safety cord like my top pick.

It comes with a nice carrying bag with rubbery handles that provide a grip that’s comfortable. It also includes a manual to help you get started.

The ankle straps are much tighter than my top pick which provides a more shug fit but are to small to use around the thigh area.

The door anchor that comes with this set seems to be large solid ball or bead inside the strap which could make it more durable than the foam one in my favorite pick.

It comes with two of these so so can place at different levels which can save you time from adjusting one.

Also note that since the door anchors are heavy duty reinforced, they may be hard to fit in door cracks.

Most of the other sets come with five bands, but this one comes with four. It seems to be the lightest band that’s included with other ones.

These resistance bands are also labeled with the estimated pounds on each end like the Bodylastics version and claim to to have resistance of up to 140 pounds.

The manual comes with 27 detailed exercises that are explained in a way that represents the location of the anchor instead of the body part.

The issue I have with these bands is that there’s really no structure to the workouts so if you’re new to exercise, then you’ll have to figure everything out on your own.

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4. Black Mountain Products – Best Resistance Bands For Legs

I like the Black Mountain Resistance Band Set a well. It comes with two handles like my top pick a well as five resistance bands.

The claimed resistance level they provide is up to 75 pounds and also includes an exercise chart as well as a users manual.

This set also includes the door anchor, carrying case and an ankle strap. Unlike the Bodylastics handles, these have a foam cushion to help with you grip.

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5. Sport2People Exercise Fitness Bands – Best Resistance Loop Bands

The Sport2People resistance Bands Set includes five loop bands of different colors with resistance levels that range from extra light to extra heavy.

Also note that most loop resistance bands sets only come with four bands, so this make this a plus in my book.

You can use more than one band at a time to add resistance to you exercises. It’s something I require when selecting resistance bands.

The bands are elastic and are of the highest quality compared to other cheaper brands and they offer refunds or replacements incase of loss of elasticity.

The Sport2People loop resistance bands set also come with a carrying case and an eBook with exercises as well.

Check Here For Price

6. Fitness Insanity Resistance Band Set – Speed Resistance Bands

The Fitness Insanity Resistance Bands Set come with five exercise bands that have the estimated weight resistance on each end of the bands.

If you stack all of the bands together, it claims to be and estimated 150 pounds of resistance which is pretty good for any level of fitness.

With this resistance band set, you receive four eBooks, a waterproof bag, ankle straps and a door anchor. Note that the handles are cushion for grip support.


Lifetime Warranty with no need to return the damage item

Waterproof carrying cas


The resistance bands are in increments of ten pounds unlike Bodylastics

Check Here For Price

7. DynaPro Exercise Resistance Bands

You can purchase the DynaPro Exercise Resistance Bands individually or as a set and the bands are different colors per resistance levels.

The thing I like the most about these resistances bands is that they’re longer than most of the other sets so you can use them for more types of exercises and they are adjustable. It also comes with a D-Handle that is very durable.


Adjustable Band lengths

Comfortable Handles

Good For All Age Groups


Not Stackable

One Year Warranty

No Ankle or Door Straps

Check Here For Price

8. SPRI Xertube Braided Resistance Band Exercise Cords

The SPRI Xertube Resistance Band is a stand alone band you can purchase if you’ve snapped or damaged one you have currently or use it as an addition to your setup.

Since these cannot be purchased as a set, you will have to find the correct resistance levels to suit your needs.

The bands are made with an abrasion resistant type of rubber to provide maximum resistance and durability.

What I like about this product is that you receive a door attachment with each bands you purchase. It also come with a manual to help with installation.


Great addition to your workout equipment without buying an entire set.


The ends of the bands can get loose over time

Check Here For Price

9. ProSource XTREME Premium Stackable Resistance Bands

The ProSource Premium Resistance Bands Set comes with five resistance bands of different colors like most of the other sets.

Also, like most of the other ones, it comes with and exercise manual, a carrying bag, and a door anchor.

This set is also good for those of all ages as the lowest resistance level is an estimated two pounds. So it’s good for older users or if you’re recovering from an injury.

Like most of the other resistance bands sets, you can stack them to add more resistance to you exercises and workout routines.

The handles are made of a foam grip for comfort and the bands are the standard latex rubber that most other sets use.

Unlike the Lifetime warranty some of the other brands provide, this only has a ninety day warranty so it might be something to consider before purchasing.

Check Here For Price

10. WODFitters Pull Up Assistance Band

The WODFitters Pull Up Assistance Bands are not only great for assistance with pull ups, you can also use them for bodyweight exercises like push ups.

These are also great for stretching exercises, yoga and other breathing exercises which helps with flexibility and mobility..

You can purchase the WODFitters resistance bands as a set or individually to fit your personal needs and fitness goals.

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What Exercises Can You Do With Resistance Bands

Resistance Band Exercises

Here are some basic exercises you can do with resistance bands. Of course you can always go on YouTube and find a variety of resistance band workouts.

Standard Chest Press

Secure the resistance band a chest height and using a pole or door anchor. Press outward from your chest using the bands. The further away you are from the mounted position, the more resistance you will notice.

Biceps Curls

To do a basic biceps exercise, step on the band with both feet and make sure the band is underneath the middle of you feet.

Make sure to keep your elbow close to your waist and curl the band up making sure not to lift your elbows.

To make it more challenging, lift the bands up swiftly but bring them down slowly. This is called “time under tension” and it will begin to burn quickly.

Bent Over Rows

This one could be done in various ways depending on what’s comfortable for you. You can place one foot on the resistance band, lean forward with the other leg back. With you elbows in, slowly pull the resistance band to your waist.

An easier way to do this is to anchor that band at a low point. Lean forward at a 45 degree angle with one leg forward. With one hand on the forward leg, pull the resistance band using your free hand slowly towards your waist and repeat.

Shoulder Press

Stand on the resistance band with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the handles or loop bands at shoulder height.

Lift the bands slowly but don’t extend your arms all the way. Bring the bands back down slowly and repeat.

Resistance Band Push Ups

If you’ve been doing push ups for a while, then adding resistance bands to your routine is another way to pack on chest muscle while doing the same exercise.

Get into your normal push up position and wrap the resistance bands around your upper back or shoulder area. Depending on the length of the bands and your arms, the resistance will vary from person to person.


Resistance bands are now an important part of my workout routine. When combined with a low carb diet like keto, you will see some crazy results. If you’re feeling ambitious, checkout my review on the best home gyms.

Thanks for reading the best resistance bands for building muscle. Feel free to leave a comment…


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